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Precision Engineered Mechanical Solutions
Ching Yi Technology Pte Ltd was established in 1989 and moving with market demand, we provide Precision Engineered Mechanical Solutions for Semicon leaders who appreciate the needs for new technologies in BGA, CSP, SiP, COB, SoB and myriads of associated enhancements in the Semicon manufacturing process.

Products & Services
• SMT Pick & Place Nozzles and Tools
• Dispensing Needles
• Precision Engineering & Manufacturing Services (Customised Precision Solution)
• Semicon Toolings, Jig & Fixtures, Consumable Parts, Accessories

Window Clampers
Wire bond window clamps for use in wire bonding process to hold lead-frame and substrate securely in place

Dispensing Needles
Dispensing Needles used in die attach process for dispensing epoxy

Pepper Pots & Needle Holders
Die ejector tools in the form of pepper pots and needle holders used to eject dice from wafer tape during die attach

High Temp & Rubber Pickup Tools
High Temp/Rubber Tips and Tip Holders used in various pick applications come in many shapes and sizes

Test Sockets
Test sockets/contactors used in testing of device

Jigs, Fixtures & Toolings
Customised Precision Solutions provide unparalleled customisation to suit your needs

Dimensional & Concentric tolerance up to +/-0.005mm
Precision to match demands of Semicon manufacturing
Design, prototype & develop for demanding applications
Material Engineering
Material & Surface Coat for improved durability
Singapore Malaysia Thailand Philippines Indonesia
China Japan Korea Taiwan USA Europe and more...

- Excellent customer support and unsurpassed quality
- Unparalleled re-engineering and innovation
- Customisation to suit your requirements
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